Q: How can I improve my health? A: Youngr. Youngr is a collection of tests, exercises, and tips for assessing your health, suggesting changes to your lifestyle, and keeping you motivated and on track to a healthier & younger you.
Q: What's my true age? A: BioAge. Is your biological age higher than your chronological age?
How well does your body function at rest?
This test measures the speed of the body's aging process.
Live healthier. Be younger.
Q: How good is my health? A: WellMeter. You might feel healthy; people might be saying you look healthy. Is this the reality? This test measures your internal health — get insights for health improvement.
Live longer. Feel younger.
Q: Am I as fit as I should be? A: CardioCapacity. A light physical challenge is all you need to measure your cardio fitness level. This test will tell you where you stand & track your improvements.
Become stronger & healthier.
Q: How can I control my stress? A: StressLess. Improved concentration, better relaxation, less stress!
A simple, easy to follow exercise that will help you reclaim your life from everyday stress. Use daily.
Q: How do I access Youngr tests? A: FitStik. Learn more about Youngr below:
What is Youngr, How it Works, The Science.

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What is Youngr
Most definitely the first ever
web-based service for you and
your body.
How it works
Space-age technology on your computer.
The Science
Find out how Heart Rate
Variability (HRV) determines
your overall health.
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